Excellence in Ministry: Worshiping God through prayer and fasting.

This month the Christian Church continues to observe the season of Lent. The Lenten season is a period of forty (40) days, having started on 01 March 2017 to 13 April 2017. The forty day count does not include Sundays. The season is considered as a mirror of the forty days and nights wherein Jesus spent his time in prayer and fasting, enduring temptation and testing. As the Church we are transitioning, in mind, body, and spirit to the Easter or Passover season, wherein we bring into full view the suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection of our dear Saviour Jesus Christ.

We ought to move, during this season, to personally reflect, self-correct and realign ourselves in accordance with the will of God and fellow Christians we cannot do this without prayer and fasting.

This month as we reach the peak of the Lenten season, which is the Easter or Passover Celebration, Christ ought to be at the center of our worship. We must remember and celebrate the love that moved and laid him at the cross, in order for us to be saved. Love is the motive behind the passion narratives, the gospel according to John informs us that, as I paraphrase, it was the love that God had for the world, that made him give with his one and only son, so that to those who believe in him, might not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

May God bless us with one mind and spirit, as we gather together in order to celebrate the sufferings, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. If it wasn’t for the love of God, there would be no mercy, no grace, no salvation and ultimately no joy for us sinners!