Excellence in Ministry comes by appreciating historic and present milestones.

The month of February is celebrated as Founders’ month throughout the connectional church of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

As the church enters the first year to a new century, we celebrate 201 years of global witness and proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We ought to take this moment to reflect on the gains made by the connectional church, in the past and in present years, to appreciate where we are as a church, and to draw strength from the legacies of those who came before us. In the same light, the very milestones should encourage us to be more daring, creative and innovative about how we do ministry in the present age that we live in, in order that we ensure that even in our generation the AME church grows strong and becomes even more effective in winning souls for Christ.

We remember the legacies of our founder and the first Bishop of our church, Richard Allen. The determination of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world evidenced by Bishop Henry McNeil Turner who was at the forefront of the transplanting of the AME church on the African Continent, starting in Liberia then Southern Africa. We also ought to be thankful of Rev Mangena Mokone and Charlotte Maxeke, who were instrumental and great stewards; by making connections for Christ and keeping the gateways of faith open here in South Africa, in order for the AME Church to be established here at home.

Let us then commit ourselves, once again, to fulfilling the Great Commission as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, to carry out the mission and vision of the AME Church and to devoting time to pray for all clergy and laity in the AME Church.